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At first the Brangwens were astonished by all this commotion around them. The building of a canal across their land made them strangers in their own place, this raw bank of earth shutting them off disconcerted them. As they worked in the fields, from beyond the now familiar embankment came the rhythmic run of the winding engines, startling at first, but afterwards a narcotic to the brain.

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Honestly I think Bill Walsh would have come up with something very different if he had CK as his QB. Check downs from the pocket worked great with Joe not so with the Kap. I don even see sense in pinching in the DE since this is supposed to be a run first offense..

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And waited. When she returned, her pronouncement didn’t surprise me. Well, not entirely. At the start of this month, you had a victory over Chicago. In the subsequent weeks, things didn’t happen. Why do you think that is and what as a coach do you think maybe you could have done to make it go better? Why do you think that happened, that you weren’t able to build off that?.

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