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The problem is in the world, with over 1 billion downloads since its launch in 2003 with pure gold pear in the CCleaner program to fast, and makes your computer faster, safer, and nadezhnee.CCleaner delete cookies, temporary files and other data to other applications, that Ferculumratio performance .

This frees up precious hard disk space in your system as soon as they run. Deleting this information to protect your privacy is that you can fix registry errors bezopasno.Vstroennaya more InternetFLUCTUSlautus and broken vessel, and more secure computer. Simple and intuitive user interface anrapid strong as it CCleaner a favorite among itehnari also to foreigners. Professional, networking, business is also available and Tech CCleanerad Version of heavy users.

Cleaning CCleaner this:

– Internet Explorer

– Structure

– Clipboard

Windows file -time

– Magazines in Windows

– Index references recent (in the Start menu)

– Order (Startup)

– Search history Windows XP

– Data Prefetch in Windows XP

– MutationemmemoriamavariiWindows

– File Fragments chkdsk

Advanced options allow you to clean

– Memory menu Priorities

– The magnitude of, and the place for Windows

– The History of helping users

– IIS files

– Folders More

What’s New:

(19Iyul 2016)

– Firefox has better Internet Cache

– Improved cleaning in history downloadChrome

– The Added clean browser

– Install Update Glory (Professional only)

– Raising awareness and support DPIvysokogo DPI

– James Turk add

– Fixed bugs and improved GUI


1 Unpackingand Installation

2. The main system installation folder away Copyforaminibus

3, as well as using the Register Book


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