Cities: Skylines: Deluxe Edition v1 Cities: Skylines: Deluxe Edition v1 x86-x64 free download


City: Skilines – Deluxe Edition + + All DLC

Release Date: 10 January 2015 – 9 June 2016

Ghana / Tags: Board, Strategy, 3D, in real time

Developer: Colossal Order

Publisher: Paradox Interactive

Platform: PC

Engine: Unity 5

Steam Rating: 93% of your review is positive (on the review dasar27.486)

Interface Languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian

Audio Languages: English

Ufa: built-in (Codek)


Operating System: Windows XP / 7/8(64-bit!)

processor: Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon 64 X2 6400+,

RAM: 4 Gb

videoKartu: NVIDIA GeForce GT 260 512 MB or 512 MB ATI Radeon 5670


HDD Space: 5 MB

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City: Skilines is a modern classic in the simulation center. game introduces new elements to the game for the realization of the cry of excitement and difficulties to build and maintain a real city when memperluasdi some solid experience figuratively building the city.

City odkreatori moving franchise, the game features preservedroad transport system. It also includes the ability to mod the game according to your style as a good balance Plai and menantangsimulasi column. Iouri only limited by your imagination, so take control and reach for the sky!

The game features

Multilayered and challenging simulation: Build your castle from the ground is easy to learn but hard to master. Play as the mayor of your city ioull faced with balansiranjeOsnovnipersyaratan such as education, water, electricity, police, fire, health and many more, with realcitis their economic systems. Residents in the town react seamlessly, with gravitas and authenticity of expression has a lot of events.

Detailed simulation of traffic within: Orders Large extensive experience in the development of the city in Motion series is used to fully develop the transport system is a complete and well designed.

District and Politics: Be more samoadministrator from the town hall. chaUamuzi section of the city as a result of implementing policies distrikdalam resulting’re rise to the status of the city mayor.

moddingSupport area to build or improve existing folder structure. Then import them into the game, share and download creations builders another city for workshops steam.

After parking the dark DLC

they menggunakansiklus day and night: change the city during daylight hours and influenced rewarded and schedule. traffic seemed slower in the evening and some of the areas categorized as not buried in full efficiency. This extension will put you in control of managing the various aspects of the day and night cycle.

LeisureExpertise: commercial field can specialize in leisure activities. recreational area is very active at night, or work as normal commercial area during the day.

Tourism expertise: commercial areas such as bars and restaurants, a small marina and obalimogu memancingtur and specialize in beach activities.

Criminals now considered jelaya police stations.

taxi service will help residents and tourists around the city.

Cargo hub ports that receive freight train right terminal.

Airportsinternasionaladalah main airport, which allows higher sales than the previous airport and has a metro station in handcuffs.

bus station allows residents to transfer to another bus line in the terminal building.

snow DLC

Snow ekspanzijaza other cities: Skilines, city colossal construction penghargaanPermainan mshindiUtaratibu. Snow, player cities will be covered in snow or shine in the rain thanks to a new system of air conditioning in the game, while civilian expertise they weremeasure the city launched a new challenge when the temperature drops.

Snovplovs will clean the streets Sistempemanas run from house to house, and a new tram will shuttle city residents to improve public transport interface. All these features will keep players in njihovprsti at their homes in new snow in Visual sunny weather.

kolo DLC

uwanjakwa their city – Buatstadion in your city and have a great sports franchise home

Mechanics demanded Match: Be ready to increase traffic into and out ofGame field today, and harvested from arrival Ticket

Customizing your team colors inside

The new law on the field

New caps Chirper (!)

wrap kembalifitur

According to the ISO issues (3765993472 bytes)

(494 mb) applies

sadržinasu: The original game + DLC below: Pre-Order Pack Deluxe Edition Pack, when it gets dark, mvuatheluji, bike

100% lossless MD5 complete: all files are similar to the original after installation

Torn NOTHING, NOT Adare-coded

You can skip the installation and downloading additional content (digitalpostcards, artbook, soundtrack)

archive size is very small (compressed from 4 GB to GB)

Installation takes 2-3 minutes (+ 5 minutes of additional products)

Disk space after installation: 5 MB

Repack will FitGirl


If you have errors (or OnesUnarc kdelta) during installation, try the following:

Make sure that the Windows user name contains non-Latin mark. Use only numeric characters Latin

Re-hash torrent (at the point of entry into the game uTorrent, berhentidownload / upload,and then right-click, and then click electronic check)

Health antivirus (including Windows Defender) can delete the installation file or cracks on-the-fly

Adjust UAC to a minimum, as deloviinstalacionitidak work plan for limited rights

kuhakikishaUna at least twice as much virtual memory, but a real, physical RAM

Make sure you have enough space on the target disk C: drive (or whatever drive you have system)

Trying to tie the game NE C: (system) drive or khususpada C:drive (Windows system is complex)

Check your Windows directory (and below) to – if this file, delete

Reboot in safe mode and install the game

Run by computer with appropriate privileges, such as image prikazanonahuu:

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