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Young and beautiful Clara Barron (Charles Sousa) seems all – a great job, a beautiful house in Los Angeles and the Mexican family who likes to have fun. The only thing that Barron could not imagine life love. Under pressure to go to a wedding in Mexico is asking a colleagueform of his girlfriend at the celebration of the original. He saw the fire, when the former was at the ceremony, Clara must choose between a former lover or mozhlyvistyunovi and menarikasmara.

On the surface a nice mÅ‚odejI Clara Barron seems to have it all – a great job as an OB-GYN; Big houseLos Angeles; And a big fan of Mexican families. But one thing I can not imagine Clara is his personal life. tired family married in Mexico, Clara asks a colleague to represent her boyfriend on holiday in output – just surprise him when his friend suddenly appearedafter the total loss of life. torn, Clara must vyrishytySered serceNowe in the past or discovered and unexpected opportunities. adventure, full of laughter, learning that sometimes need a whole family of mind to help you find love crazy.

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