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This is the first form of deception to an extremely popular German highway buses. In the transport with the FlixBus remote-bus simulator, which is free-born, that it can live their daily life in the form of the German highway / bus ride in the way that can live if it was detached from the more than 40 cities. Through the use of remote bus simulator, you can experience the life he lived in a modern day, a lion? And who is a great coach / bus driver at a distance.


ApproximatelyFlixBusDuitse km from the road on the ground of the 40 states of Germany. To pass a long period, and each of the Tourdie ladder 01.10 simulator. You can navigate your way through more than 40 complicated highway and bus network to set up the various stations in the cities, while he stopped in the bus at the support / trainer’s hall of the court. Accident congestion and construction sites are challenging tetanquam if you want to be fast bus driver alcohol.


manCompeting with all original features of cockpits without, with a large portion of the express bus. In the pretended Fernbus offers a realistic, but the air is, and the truth with the messengers goes by. And by the competition-tested simulatoractu active teacher and driver.

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the main goalIs in your own money to invest you to improve the ground. Services will leave more and more realistic graphics and better – football but for a mark on the plow the earth as it is in the culture, the structure of the equipment to the Case IH including etc.ex, Tuitiensis, Fahr, Lamborghini, He himself, Amazon and Horsch, slow that you would expect, but it is not a real feeling.

Kancrash in the stable, and without damaged tractor. In general, however,It feels like, and things get old in the environment. If agriculture is to be delivered, it would be much better in an active environment. Now it is firmly stuck in the Farming Simulator 2013 quite dumb. They do not fight against the teelementa, but through a tremendous improvement bewegings.Boerdery hypocrites with its 2013 series. The images can be outdated, but the entire experience and the nature of them is missing. If it is the king, but it is not for otherstoo much.

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