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If you do not die of a heart attack five nights game Freddy so get ready for the awesome track that takes you back in a more complex set of pizza in the world of more sanctions as a night watchman. If the thought of jump scares first game was bad, wait until you play five nights Freddypili

back to work

Like the first game, five-night Freddy 2 zavesataulogata patrons in the restaurant, with semana.Hai seven rounds to get through the entire game (includingwith day shift for the first time), but only a slim one night You again in the demo.

It limeegeshwakudhibiti room the same way as the previous version. You can use the security cameras to keep an eye on animatronic creatures and ensure they do not enter your office and wild to death. ovaOtkako no door to keep them out, which is disconcerting at kwanzampango.

Instead, it features a bear mask Freddy Fazbear must quickly remove and put on one of these creatures When approaching. this will preventthem from attacking you, because they’ll think you’re one of them. It also has a light that lets you look at what can happen mazoezikuona.

fear night

sovkupno 11 characters to keep track of, and without the comfort of the office be sealed, feel more vulnerableCinco night Freddy 2 Flicking through CCTV cameras are very easy, but you have to be quick on the draw namask if you want to live. For this reason, the game is much harder than the first five nights at Freddie, andreally need your wits about you if you want to avoid jump scares – it will really make a noise louder than ever.

Activities such new characters and mechanical mask, five do not Freddy 2 added a new feature where you can customize 10dos animatronic characters, allowing you to adjust the level of difficulty. add them to the highest level for all basically not given the opportunity to complete his side with his face still stuck on his head.

accommodate the needs

graphically, five nights Fredi2not improve after the first game, and the style is very even. 3D graphics are not very sophisticated animation is almost nonexistent, but what is really nontema. In fact, in a way that contributes to the cool charm of the game.

One of the things that made the game so darn kwanzaIlikuwa awesome sound effects, and thankfully five nights in 2 Freddy excels in this area, too. From podsvirkvanekamera shuffling sounds incredible obstacles, everything is designed to be intense – and it does. My point exactly weakmusic was a jack-in-the-box look like eternal game, the pace of construction and uncertainty with every cycle.

Play if you dare

Although on the surface, does not look much like the improved version of the first, gameplay is different to do five nights worth 2igra Freddy. Be warned, however, is kiasimagumu than its predecessor, and will jump scares that whimpering on the floor as a young child.

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