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The classic browser for Microsoft, you can see on the network during installation, a variety of options (security, privacy, ease of use).

New security and privacy settings

Internet Explorer 9 has a new look and offers a variety of options, allowing the edge closer to Ittokonkurencija.

Withpoint of view of privacy “is InPrivate” feature (which leaves incognito) is highly valued, and you can open the session without saving history or visited pagina’sin acceptingcookies. Now you can adjust your privacy settings, you select the sites that podatkePodelimvisit.

Security is to be checked, and Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 now gives us new tools such as anti-tracking and SmartScreen filter (iakivi safety certificate you visit, to avoid undesirablepages check).

Setting surfing

InternetEkplorer9 is an opportunity for Microsoft to (eventually) incorporatea card system in the browser. It is no longer necessary to open a new window for each page you visit, and believe me, this new feature is really a relief for Internet Ekplorer.Geta damage, but it is so inovacijeVremeto enter (more than tookthe competition)!

However, a search engine that some of the most interesting options offered. You can customize the language settings to choose which versions are displayed on the website. Nice if you are traveling abroad or want to always be able to reviewWeb pages in another language other than the language of the browser. You can search engineoptionstoViberi your favorite fragrance and you can change, but do not necessarily need to use Bing as a base.

In regard to the expansion of Internet Explorer 9 also compensate sadaOna offers additional accessories forbrowser settings. However, don’tekpect many improvements, Internet Explorer always blame the delay on other browsers such as Firefox! However, the new capacity to expand the center provides a convenient way to consider zspazhivanneresursi, so you can quickly identify additionsthat slow down your browsing experience.

Search, which is always still a long way

There is no doubt that Microsoft has radically changed the copy of Internet Explorer 9, a new (and welcome) option for privacy, security and expansion. Special recognition should go to centerforektensions performanceiakiviznachana one on itscompetitors.

But despite all the efforts of developers Internet Explorer 9 and toofar still lags behind its main competitors. Nowhere near as fast as Chrome, Firefox, or universal, just as asOpera, Microsoft’s browser is too easyto expand and too heavy to be a real speed. Internet Explorer 9 is a decent browser, but somewhere in the top of the genre.

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