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MAGIX Video Pro X8 (64-bit)

MAGIX Video Editing Software Pro X is ideal for the creation of intuitive and powerful video. This series is an award-winning video editing often focus on the unique requirements of ambitious users and professionals, and offers no tandinganpelbagai surgical powerful production.

professional video editing

Detailed access editing options, excellent performance and cinematic effects at the top of the image and sound quality.


Select fromThe luasspektrum offeri increase svoyfoto, video effects, such as GPU-optimized precision instruments and multicamera editing.

sound editing

Real-time audio mixing, Editor keyframes control samples and accurate, as well as a ton of broadcasts kesankualiti provides everything you need to optimize the sound.


Access to all additional services, such as plug-in NewBlue Looking package that includes a color filter light and power shift or ProDAD Mercalli V2 to stabilizeimage perfectly.


-format PodderzhkaProfessionalny (ProRes, AVC-Intra, etc.)

– Change the Deputy Scalability for smooth video editing 4K

– 3-way color correction of primary and secondary

– Cam edits up to nine tracks at the same time

– Support for integrated action

– Sounds Surroundediting in broadcast quality

– HD decoding based on the equipment and the UHD (,)

– NewBlue Watch: high quality color filters for film unforgettable


* Fixed issue import MXF files

* Ispravlenabrintorri exports across the HEVC

* Long Didayakanpenyesuaian small objects on the timeline

* Zoom Slider can now be used as normal in the position / size of the dialog

* The values ​​in the position / size of the dialog is now time to update yourself when the game moves marker

* Position Effect VisualMelaraskan / size of each passage makes (GPU CPU)

* Distortion conditions / equipment size and impact of plant

* The deviation for imagingstill and effects of crop rotation

* Fixed Effects and title pancyfuno plant

* Tetapralat when using the previously deactivated by virtue

* Fixed a bug that prevented the installation of the video for “Video level”

* Repair mode when out of Cam

* More audio recording will be stopped if the Esc key is pressed in other applications

* Fixed error prevention program closed at the end of the first use of this program

* Fixed a bug in the camera / scaling dialog

* Fixed crash when changingthe number of monitors on the ground and once in the standby mode

* Black Frame dikeluarkandari proxy file server, which appears when “Video of” active

* Repair when loading template shock

* Distortion static images (.bmp) with changes in the size and keyframe

* Fixed a bug that caused the objects block the passage to berkesanhilang when objects / design dragged

* Fixed crash when using very long path names

* Added an error loading PreduprezhdenieNedopustimayalookup table

* Collision static load lookup tables are not supported

* Fixed bugprojek ddigwyddoddpan with lookup tables stored / loaded

* Improved speed for the effect based on look-up table

* Fixed a bug in the preview monitor information when changing the look-up table

* Fixed a crash in the calculation of surprises

* Improve the quality of the border for moving objects

* Fixed a bug that caused by objects (particularly the headlines) briefly Animirovannyemigat when leavingviewable area

* Fixed a bug where the object is briefly reappeared in its original position (Only when an object moves from blaentu monitor visible area)

* Distortion color impression remain in the brightness / contrast, when only the beginning or end of the curve moves

* Improved speed for most of the effects of opinion / animation

* Fixed error when loading or menyimpankeyframes OpenFX plugin

* Fixed Znacheniyaplohogo in dialogue when OpenFX impact or subcategoryin effect their control is deactivated and reactivated

* Material in the alpha channel can now be turned off, chroma-key in the dialog

* Restore button-wirioynkecerahan and saturated color declared the dialogue a key

* Fixed problem with Mercalli image stabilization with alternating material (DVD)

* The full project folder will now be displayed again begin dialogue

* Route better animation (action scaling, performance, new ditambahkad) and fixed crash

* Correction to programmingsmall interface and localization



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