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MechRunner an endless action game that casts you as a powerful robot

stunning cinematic battles against kejamtentara robot.

game story

June 30, 1908 under mysterious explosion that occurred over Tunguska

River in Siberia, Russia, killing trees and wildlife for moresa800

square miles. By getagaden still show the greatest impact on our

The recorded history of this planet.

itutahun the following years, many scientific expeditions in

I tried to explain the disaster area, but could not arrive at any

Conclusions. In the mid-1940s, however, a team of scientists from

Russian agents visited the site stumbled on the ruins

alien spacecraft, yangIni contains technologythat is greater than ourselves. on

In subsequent years, the KGB began paamuinIto mysterious Started

vladakrynitsa before and create a new secret weapon program – the

Sophisticated Weapons Division, or “”

They thought they could control the new government, which merekaKami is found, but

I started to do more than run their cars. She started pushing men

works on his mind. The responsible person of General Yuri

Petrakoff,seem very affected, and 14 April 1949,

Petrakoff began full-scale offensive in Europe.

One engineer memimpinPetrakoff, Jesper in Grouse, go AWOL and left

The first program nastsyarozhanapra what is happening there. He went to live in

The secret to her sister, and niece Isabel, Allison. While on the run

However, Jesper (with the help of an engineer and a novice pilot Allison)

He has been busy building sendirimesin mechanical war calledThe XP-41,

Sure, it may take a day to avoid “bad

creation. He was right.


MechRunner endless action game style is mixed with a fast and furious

paraanMech change action!

This is a “runner” adalahbahwa players continued ruhaetstsanaperad,

hunt for deadly force, but what makes it special is the fact that

You are piloting a giant robot capable of some serious damage!

otherendless runner has elements of action, but not like this. heat

homing missiles, bullets beratkaliber, laser cannons and concussion

responsibility bombs destroyed buildings, debris littered the streets, and a ton

cut-capable enemy, to make ngmabilis, visually stunning


A typical game can last from a few seconds to a few minutes

finish. more tinggiketerampilan you, the longer the game, the moreprize

You’ll collect, and the more content you’ll unlock!


Meticulously detailed, quick action

Switching between Tank and the robot for summer

Dice piece of disabling enemy sinematikFashion!

An arsenal of weapons, user settings, and bonus

3 unique environments timplaseamlessly together – you decide when

it’s time to switch

procedurally generated levels for endless variety

morekind of tactics voragavz

epikBos battle!

barriers dynamic environment

unlockable skins, update and achievements

Save the civilians and to accompany them in a safe place

Amazing quality soundtrack to Hollywood

Additional controls – play with the mouse or controller

installation Notes

1. Uraikanpelepasan

2. Mount or burn image

3. Set

4. Kopyahinang contents of the folder SKIDROW crack basic

install folder and overwrite

5. Block the game in the firewall and markour cracked content

/ Daveranayv your antivirus program safe

6. Play the game

7. Support the companies, which software you actually enjoy!


For all members of the family and honorable rival groups!

ASCII Art is

god amazing duet

malodix + irokos

titanium artdivision

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