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Microsoft Visual C ++ 2008 includes a set of libraries that allow you to create a program with C ++ that work on your computer. 2008 version has all the necessary components, which in C ++ programs do not allow to work until 2010 when the next major update. Even Programzapochnasled 2010 can only work with libraries in 2008.

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If you do not have Microsoft Visual C ++ 2008 and / or later sibling Takiev 2010And so on, then the computer error nataknes and you have an application or software that simply does not work. C ++ is a programming language that use software development for. When they create the software they use libraries koitokato builder to build autotiles from another vehicle with a car from scratch. If the library is not enough, this is a car built to try without having hit the parts of other cars to work.

EveryoneCompyutarWindowsMozhno install

There is a lack of clear installation version of Microsoft Visual C ++ 2008, especially if you build your own computer or overhaul. If you are worried that aging, then you can update it if your computer vivse error still bump. The software can be for developers who are trying to redesign the programs that were built before 2010.

MicrosoftVisual C # 2008 is a free program for Windows that comes withC / C ++ subcategory Software kategoriiRazrabotkasoftuer, and was designed by Microsoft.

It is available to users on Windows XP and earlier versions and in various languages ​​such as English, Spanish and German. The latest versionprogramatai of his last update on 30.09.2009.

Since the software was added to our selection of programs and applications in 2011, he received the installation, and last week it was 591 downloads.

When Microsoft startsVisual C # 2008 ESPOT program, which requires less space storage than many of the programs in the software development category. This program is very widely used in India, Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

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