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Monopol well loved and classic board game that turns a computer game that allows you to acquire property and compete with your friends to get more money.

Most people probably loved Monopoly game and other similar board games with friends and family aschildren. The combination of the classic and fun courtroom wardrobe Monopoly capitalism does a great choice.Accompanied growing in the eighties.

Monopoly Here Now versionPopular updated classic, featuring the same gameplay and board, zabnovlenyya location, instruments and situations.For example, if four railroads enter the original game, they have a popular aipids, such as O’Hare International and JFK in New York. Traditional monopolies have also been modified to pay interest on the loan cardsAnd charges for mobile communication services. The amount of money held oneach stage of the games is very different. You can not buy the property for $ 60, as in the old days!

Monopoly Here Now the project is already well known, but contains many new elements, such as animiravanyyasimvaly and figures. In fact, the animations start to get a little annoying aboutFive minutes later (and it can not be disabled in the settings menu). Music and sound effects, which get into the game, can be turned off, that he was happy because his annoying after about five seconds.

Another Monopoly ItemsHow, such as mortgages and auctions fairly well implemented,although each time the computer performs a movement, an alert window still reads “click on the property you want to bail,” which can zbyantezhytsnekatoryya users, making them think that they need more things, if it stillNot their turn.

Monopoly Here Now fun retelling of the classic game,It fell slightly re-animation and sounds.

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  • Monopoly Here & Now Edition download free
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