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Each year, when the NBA season begins, fans will get to see all versions of NBA 2K14 basketball simulation bestbasketball it.

2014 edition features LeBron James, who has a style all of those loyal to him, and celebrated the arrival of long-awaited football kamand.Ale new addition to NBA 2K14the nabasketball best game ever?

Lebron Dzheyms, the star of this year

NBA 2K each player has their owncharacteristics, and this time, it Zheyms.Miami Heat star LeBron is present throughout the game, from introand cover music video chosen basketball star.

This LeBron: paform way, where you can send them a feeling similar samples rabotu.V NBA 2K11 is committed to maykl Dzhordan, making it possible to send 2K14 Lebron Dzheyms to work. The difference lies in the fact that you have experienced over the past LeBron work, as we have with Jordan,but ikawMakakasama earning him during his last victory.

NBA 2K14 lets you choose between two scenarios. First, LeBron and the Miami Heat reached the peak of his career, or seconds, hell join other teams. In both cases, more challenges await you, LeBron boasts statisticsna reaching almost 99%.

Unfortunately, this model is not more than the success of gulnyavStsenar too linear to be reliable. itwouldve much better if you can choose the team LeBron, but you can not.

Another important innovation NBA2K14 tourists 14 teams from the Euroleague. You can forget about LeBronhabang take part in the exhibition with FC Barcelona, ​​CSKA Moscow, Olympiacos, Panathinaikos and the big European teams?

In this case, you must follow the rules of the European countries, especially in the protection of the three second rule NBA disappear.What we do not want you to magpasyaupang just play the game early, when there is a game entirely dedicated to the football team.

In the past, we must not forget that these two options only new addition to an already solid game. NBA 2K14 also comes with all the classic franchise: Players to me, my career, online forms, and training.

The mode will not work, but they do it is the NBA we allknow. On the other hand, the shape of my team back. In this model, you can participate in online tournaments with friends and players that you created in the form of my players.


NBA 2K14 gameplay is much improved. You’ll notice the most important, if you’re using to control, because it involves the use of the right analog stick (Stick Pro) to help you do anything with the ball, move or sell the showshot misunderstood.

These changes subukanupang make the game accessible to new players by offering intuitive kantrolbolsh. However, you should be careful not to hold the analog stick for too long if you have to do a fake shot, because you run the risk of fire vypadkova.Kali itokasama use the backhand, the control lever allows you to watch not his passes with your colleaguesteam.

Users can take advantage of the more dynamic either block or pass the ball (between the legs, behind the back bounce pass). Lock system is perfect, and need it, because it can make your home and block (block chase). No more hand clearance ghost!

Artificial intelligence has been good, so it is more difficult to break the protection. It is more reliable and better position your hands free zone, so it will be veryhard pagtagumpayan.Mula best, players simply can not aspire to the basket, but to find the right combination and throw the ball or to overcome it.

With the push of a button you can get help with tactics, and it will display a gray circle on a position where the player with the ball, or one mgamga teammates, should be a high probability that points.

In general, the feeling of the game NBA2K14 is a great wide range of strategies and controls.

How to watch on TV

Presentation has always been one of the main strengths bakovseryi NBA 2K. Each year, thinking and doing lahatPosible to offer an experience similar to watching an NBA game on TV.

Selected scene, cheerful conversation, and comments da3000 new movement helped create a good atmosphere and many other parts of the screen.

New animation showsa reaction in the game longer, their excitement after a great shot onagodyPaslya disappointment in how the banks are not valid. Who wants to watch the game of the National Bank can identify the movement and the attitude of some players, because the signature movements.

In addition, NBA 2K14 pamylkiSpetsyyalna several blocks and picking (the ball through the arms) are corrected. Now everything is gumaganaat playerreact very realistic, but one.

that tychytstsaSavndtrek, LeBron can match playlist. Kanai West, Nas, Daft Punk, Gorillaz, and many others will join you in a game, with the voice of critic Steve Kerr, Kevin Harlan and Clark Kellogg. As always, NBA 2K14, in English only.

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