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Press VL 2016 ISO image allows one or more language (s), latest update and “bonus” question.

4 folders:

Database file (required)

1 ISO 2016 ProPlus Office files files (language, is not useful in itself), including

PowerISO executable to extract the files / ISO,allowing construction

batch file

language file (at least 1 required ISO file)

Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese easily. Chinese Trad., Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Kazakh,Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Malay, Norwegian, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Portuguese euro, Romanian, Russian, Latin, Slovak Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese

One or more of the language file (s) you can add to ISO

update(Optional but recommended)

1Disember 30.2016 ISO files include all available updates

Bonus (optional)

including “useful” first ISO fitxategiatresnak (vizhopisanie)


1. Base downloaded file and at least one language ISO files (required)

2. Download the ISO file selection (bonuses, updates)

2.Put all files in the ISO Base (language, bonuses, updates)

3. Base Run folder and select the menu of your choice, on the one hand, at the time

4. Upon completion of the ISO file will be deleted and the temporary folder

Note: ISO Base Folder File (My_Office_2016_ProPlus_64Bit)


– Language: 40 languages

– Channel: forVolume Licensing

– Version:

– Architecture: x64

– Change 30 Dec 2016

custom default configuration (using the OCT change slightly – Office Customization Tool)

– Next EULA

– shortcuts – Office 2016 shortcut to the default start menu from the beginning everythingin semuaSubdirektori without splattered throughout the menu.

inventory adjustments of files included in all shortcuts to Office 2016 suite Microsoft Office 2016 and Office Tools subfolder sartuTresna subdirectory

– programaKonfiguratsiyata default default option is installed and all functions exceptSkype’s Business and Office telemetry * ** – your all configuration options, of course, can be changed whenever you want

* Skype business (why not install it and does not accept “pilihanKemas now” to install Microsoft Update)

The problem is that the default configuration, it is necessary to installBusiness Skype, Skype is installed on the client computer whether or not a business.

baduzuSkype decide to install konfiguratsiyaBiznes Office, Setup Wizard will create Skype and Skype, to start when Windows starts through the questions, click Install Skype calls, setBing as a search engine and MSN homepage, and then ask you to register.

in kekeliruanakan begins. What is not used profile? If you choose a Skype name and (personal / home) provide computer using an account to use two identities – Skype personal smetkavie and your lanagatikkontuaSkype for Business. Something you might not want to do – if you choose Microsoft account, your task is to create an email address Live ID.

** Office telemetry (why you want to share your data)

Telemetry Dashboard tajukUntuk file name and each user a list of recently used informationpersonal or confidential information about the user or the organization may be exposed to the documents. Office additives and other solutions which are used in imenatase appears.

biltzeninbentarioa agent telemetry and use other applications and data files in a shared folder whereAn SQL database and included in the telemetry processor, known as a service for processing. telemetrifail official Dashboard database can be used in this context, accessories and solutions.

bonus folder

– Previous versions of uninstallers (Office 2016, 2013, 365, 2003, 2007, 2010)

– KMSpico + Microsoft Toolkit Final

– Office(ClassicMenyu to add Office 2003 and Office-type toolbars menuak2016)

– Office Tab (tab for Word, PowerPoint and Excel documents)

– Disable / Restore “Help” application Office (reg file) to choose from

– Disable / Restore of Office 2016 for telemetry (Reg File)

– ShellNewHandler (easily removed New Microsoft_ documentfrom Windows Explorer)

Compatible with previous versions

This version of Microsoft Office to run in parallel with the release of 2016 has been released.

the installer will have to look at the country Iza removal of the previous version and is not allowed to work duosagai old. Outlook 2013/2010 with an older versionPublisher 2016.

In other words, do not mix versions of Office.

Microsoft Fixit tool that you can use to manually uninstall / remove / delete previous versions of Office (Bonus folder).

This should remove all traces from Office system.

Microsoft Office 2016 informationVolume Edition

As Click2Run, Volume Edition does not offer the types of accounts to aktualiziratprilozhenie (File – profile – media).

VL toeskuratu version of Office 2016 update, you must activate the “Get Microsoft Update another product updates” in Windows Update.

System Requirements

– Operating system: Windows 64, Windows 10-bitServer 10 SP1, Server 2012 R2 version of / 2012/2008 R2

– version NET: NET need. NET or in a way that may need to be installed some options


– uninstallers to remove any older versions (Bonus folder) and restart when you nuzhdaupotreba

– Mountain ISO files / burn / extract

-component InstalatuBulegoa

– Activate KMSpico (recommended) / Microsoft uses Toolkit


– Merge files Reg Disable / Restore of Office 2016 for telemetry (andaSelepas affect reboot)

– Join Disable Restore “Help” file reg / to office applications (after effects rebooton the computer)

– Post Office Classic Menu / Tab Office

– Run ShellNewHandler (easily removed New Microsoft_ document from Windows Explorer)

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