One of the major steps is organising YouTube’s disparate music into albums and playlists.Later this week, Google will begin pushing out an update to the YouTube app on Android that will include many of these new music features. The subscription option is due next week. A similar update to the iOS YouTube app is set to come this week as well.The addition of Google brings another major competitor into the already competitive online music market, which has come under fire recently by artists most notablyTaylor Swift who have questioned the “freemium” business model.

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pandora necklaces AbstractObjective To determine factors influencing long term risks for acquiring or dying from invasive cervical or vaginal cancer in women previously treated for cervical intraepithelial neoplasia grade 3 (CIN3).Design Population based cohort study conducted in 1958 2008, followed up until 2009 in the Swedish Cancer Registry and Swedish Cause of Death Register, linked to the Swedish Population Register. Standardised incidence and mortality ratios were calculated for the risk of acquiring or dying from vaginal or cervical cancer, with the general female population in Sweden as reference. Relative risks in multivariable regression models were also calculated, adjusting for follow up duration, treatment period, and age at CIN3 treatment or attained age.Setting Entire female population of Sweden.Participants 150883 women in Sweden diagnosed and treated with CIN3 and followed up for invasive cervical or vaginal cancer, and related mortality. pandora necklaces

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