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In the ninth Glory Fairlight Release # 1101

Rocket League (c) Psyonix

: Powered by FAIRLIGHT :: Date: 07/07/2015:

Cracking through: Math Game Fairlight: Racing, Action

Breaking through: Fairlight Image Format: ISO

Disc: 1 Protection: Couple

System Requirements: No one knows!

Game Information:


Football meet againagain following the long-awaited physics

Although his favorite classical arena, Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket engine

Cars battle!

futuristicchwaraeon-akcjaGra, Rocket League, giving players

Buster-rigged vehicles, which can be divided into eggs by amazing

Objectives orBylina write many arenas in great detail. using

The advanced system to simulate realistic physical interaction Rocket League

It is based on weight and speed, giving players a feeling of intuition

Control of this incredible, high-upgradingpublic imagination




* Brand new season mode, allowing players to enjoy sy’nyn

full experience one player

* Adjust the Combat Vehicle with a large excess

10 billion possible combinations

* Unlock items and vehicle trackingstatistics,

Leaders and others

* 8-seater addictive online game with lots of character

different sizes and configuration commands

* Excellent 2-, 3- and 4-bed mode that can be played split

Or on the Internet at the local level in relation to other media players Online Games

* Playquality Argraffusy’n allow fast forward,

dyvytysyadiyu or from anywhere in the arena

* Platform interdyscyplinarnaRozgrywki competitive with consumers PlayStation 4

Information on the installation:


* Burn or mount

* Installation

* Play the game

Note: As always, block executable Decemberfile in the firewall.

/ Fairlight TEAM

+ – + quality, tradition and pride + – +

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