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In the world of software sometimes is better SPlaier is a good example.

SPlaier really easy audio and video player that joins the media player category ready to compete with the big shots such as Winamp, AIMP and iTunes be prominent features: ease of use and storage systemresources.

SPlaier allows you to enjoy your favorite music and movies on your computer. It supports almost endless list of formats vkliuchitelnoDVD and streaming media, enheeft minimalističkiinterfejs – almost too minimalist! – It does not interfere with play some.

But that’s not all: SPlaierincludes catch some interesting features such as support for subtitles, audio and video score, single-frame screenshot tool and three types of interface minimal, compact and standard.

In short, SPlaier can not be fully functional and other applications have alreadyvnachaloto said, but it is certainly an excellent choice for people who value efficientieenjednostavnost.

SPlaier is a lightweight media player with a simple design that supports a wide range of formats and includes surprisingly powerful features.


Support for song Lyrics

Support for traditionalChinese speech interface

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