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When Windows 10 was officially launched, is designed to create users around the world and with a familiar user interface and with different features to improve their performance. However, if you are one of those who think in the Start menu that can still use some work, especially if it comes to help you can start 10 try to get you a chance the start menu in Windows 10 computer that you will include nravitsyaodin In Windows 7.This means that it comes with a search box to search for the file, a folder or a program, as well as make as among the few food options (logout, lockout, reboot, shutdown or hibernation).

If you have free time, you can experiment with a variety of customization options for Start10 until you are satisfied with the result. For example, you can switch to a different style or theme start menu, and select a custom PNG or BMP imageFor knopokStart. Transparency of the texture and color can also be changed with just a few mouse clicks. Once you have selected a new configuration, you can simply open the Start menu and see how it changes time without having to restart the computer. Since Start10, you can also customize the start menu links, even if you are not a computer expert. You can choose which folder should be available at right, as well as the behaviorotkrytiya.VnovInstalled applications can be separated from the Start menu to make it visible, as well as a large number of icons can be assigned to the user

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