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Muller, a dream job in engineering company performance called crop circle only to reveal a sinister agenda that affect the lives of your friends, family and people. When working in Mae largest and most powerful media company technical and social world of Eser involved see it as an opportunity of a lifetime. Once up in the ranks, that inspired the founders of the company, Imon Beyli, participate in a revolutionary experience, limiting opromove confidentiality, ethics and freedomscheteEe final staff. to influence their experience Teilnahmeim and every decision made from the beginning of life and the future of your friends, family and humanity.

Mae Holland (Emma Watson) takes this opportunity of a lifetime when technology companies with the most powerful in the world and social media at work. lebhaftder founder of the company (Tom Hanks), occurs in May the revolutionary experience that the limits of confidentiality, ethics and personal freedom suppressed. Their participation in the experiment,and each of its solution soon to life and the future of your friends, family and humanity begins to sway.

as two couples dining at a fancy restaurant, are the educational discourse masks the fact that if you are struggling with weight problems in the family.

“Slave Bride” Sviatoslav Podgaevskaya, a girl named Anastasia, accompanied by his mistress home to their treffenmitFamilia. Spend your time at home, she begins to notice a strange presence and begins to question his decisioncome.

Language: English


Release Date: 04 May 2017

Genre: Horror / Thriller

Delivery time: not available

Sales: RAM Entertainment

Stars: Victoria Agalakova Vyacheslav Chepurchenko Alexandra child Igor Hripunov Natalia Grinshpun

Director: Svyatoslav Podgaevskaya

Type: 2D

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