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Set the final days of the Ottoman Empire, continues to promise that the love triangle between Michael, a medical student bright, beautiful and challenging Hannah and Kris – known American journalist in Paris.

deliver to patients after the hospital staff, police officer apparently strange phenomena gesehenund violent associated with a group of mysterious masked figure. If a coil Carter (Aaron Poole) reveals a man of blood desertamanca onžuri road set in a hospitalLocal barebones staff with night shifts it. As secret cult like figure of the building, patients and staff to involve the gluttonous driving crazy. He tried to protect survivors, Carter takes them to the depths of the hospital, where he found a passage to the great evil.

bright medical student Michael (Oscar Isaac) meets a beautiful dance teacher Ana (Charlotte Le Bon) end 1914. comúnarmenischErbe attraction sparks explode in romantičnorivalstvo between Michael and Anna Freund (ChristianBale), is dedicated to photojournalism American uncover the truth. When the Ottoman Empire was crumbling into chaos war-torn, their passions conflict are moved weilmit join forces to get up and protect their people.

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