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Unlocker is a simple tool that allows users to clean PC with Windows system files that can not be removed by conventional means.

If you want to delete a file from your computer, it may not be as easy as you might think. Sometimes usuariosafrontar an error message that says things like the file is in use by another program. As a result, users are not able to delete the file in question.

Fortunately, there Unlock, convenient program digunakanYang not erasestubborn files that damages trouble removing the typical way. Unlock has a simple interface that allows you to right click on the file in question and simply select the removal Unlock.

Unlock lets you choose whether to delete the file, rename or move to another localno your system. If for any levy can perform the task immediately, will try again when you restart the computer again.

Therefore sajaMemiliki one purpose, Unlockdoes not have any options or additional configuration options. Fortunately, it serves its purpose Moiben. The tool is available in 32-bit versions.

Unlocker is the easiest and quickest way to delete or move files to your system so that vyZaprescheno to make changes as a result of other applications on your computer.

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