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Usually popular Vhatsapp the Messaging Application should be used only on mobile devices (Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Blackberry), but with a new PC and Mac version of the application, you can finally use it on your desktop! All you need to do is to install the program VhatsApp,so you can chat with your friends directly from your Mac or Windows PC. Although it seems to work well so far, is far from perfect.

VhatsApp jeSada Vebeine Registration Application

Maybe estiveseka VhatsApp Web Messenger account – the version that you can use in your internetbrowser. VhatsApp for PC is the same, but not open the browser to use.

VhatsApp for PC is also very similar to the mobile version, so if you use every day, not long, of course, depends to obtain from their positions. this version has everything you would expect (in velikaEkran)to see, and provides an opportunity to talk, send and receive photos, documents and notes, create and manage groups, change your profile picture, etc.

All this sounds a little big, but there are some limitations to the application. For example, not allowing you to share location or to add new contacts.

Yes,Although VhatsAppPC is an option that is a little easier now featuring the life that will soon mobile device, it is not something that every PUTC replaced.

All have one or

To start with the PC version, you first need to KR scans the code with a mobile device, so you VhatsApp Web. If you have questionsregarding this process, please click here for detailed instructions.

rescanning code, VhatsApp Messenger sign up for a phone bill can be transferred to your computer in conjunction with the new, and you can start talking!

Control of the desktop version fermosoarrankado (reminiscent VhatsApp Messengerza Android).The truth is that it is not on your side, it takes a lot of effort to get everything you need and just a pleasure to talk to a much faster rate due to the keyboard. If you have a webcam and / or microphone, auchdie has the ability to upload photos / video / audio recording.

moreOne good thing about the PC version is that Internet connections tend to be faster and faster and more directly in the cell called data transfer.

uopšteVhatsApp Messenger works well on PC but does not depend entirely on your phone. You can speak directly from your computer, with all itsmobile device must be connected at all times. With these limitations in mind, it brings behind competitors such as LINE and the telegram, which each have their own version of Desktop is independent.

Is it worth the wait?

VhatsApp users must seek desktop version for years,and finally they have, despite the 100% štooni expected. Although the version of the very good work and any offers almost the same features that the mobile version is not one of the most has the ability to work independently. We can only hope that Facebook, which bought the application in 2014again see the error, and we can have a pleasant surprise in the next update.

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