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Zuma’s Revenge! is a continuation of addictive Zuma, the bubble bursting puzzler where you find a lost frog which in turn on the evils of the God of the island Zuma.Mae’r story found control just decoration for the sometimes frantic puzzle action face Zuma! But humoristieseen irreverent text and dialogue really help make this experience swynol.Chi control of the frog in the middle of the screen, firing colored balls into a chain of balls creeps along a path to the mouth statuyaa. your taskto reach ywhatal. Balls are removed by the usual method of making a kettingvan three or more of the same color. There are various power-ups to keep the Zuma revenge! Interestingly, a lot of different designs llwybr.Bob various levels boss battle, Zuma revenge basically supported! engineer, but adds to shoot another target balls in the purification of an endless stream of beli.Oswat you’ve never played the game Zuma, Zuma’s Revenge! It would be great. The game is simple, butplayed gymhellol.Ar lyudikotorye before, fresher graphics, and there are some nice tweaks in the game ddiddorol.Caethiwus, attractive and humorous love – unless you puzzle haatsal you think you can stop playing Zuma’s Revenge!

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