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The pen is vector graphics program for Windows that lets you create your own digital comics.

Pencil on the basis of the traditional method of hand-drawn animation and free. Software Center is a graph that allows you to add four types of layers: bitmap image vektorslike,sound and camera. Animation primarily for setting key frames kozhnagai layer to set different layers to each other.

Start szkicovaniaZnakov in bitmap format using the pen functions, prior to the addition of vector layers, and wipe the pen tool and alatrekuired.Principle pen is very simple, and the interface is much more intuitive than flash memory or similar advanced animation. What we liked the pen, which displays all devices and optsiiz beginning, and nothing is hidden and can be divided iliuklonili range that is easier to work.

Issuewith a pen that jestBardzo difficult to get quality pictures if you have a graphics tablet – Most mice simply not conducive to precise drawings. In addition, there are no pre-defined shapes, objects or patterns that may dapomo─çi to start.

sawmill site, while the pen can beA good way to learn the basic principles of animation cartoon, it’s hard to create something really impressive, if you have a lot of patience.

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