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Songr 2.0 Songr 2.0 download free


Songr program tosearchfor and download music and video from the network. No fear or find ofP2P BitTorrent, but the ease of search with specific search engine installations.

Songr it?

With Songr can find and download songs format mp3 (if not breaking), with more than ten plants thematicSearch together. Rezultatisu different and automatically download quickly thesongs.

Songr will streamplaiback selected tracks or options ontoiour todovnload their computers. It does not include continuous load functionforyaki broken or stalled.

Simple and intuitive

Songr is aclean and simple interface.Looking for a song, using text pretraguje completely without hesitation.

The easiest way to download songs in MP3 format

With Songr, dovnloadingsongsni free, fast, and there novaitingchas. During the investigation, it works great. It is very important for any music lover.

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  • Songr 2.0 Download Free