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5KPlayer video in high definition, you can upload to Youtube or Dailymotion, and can even send them to TV or big screen via AirPlay. Much easier than other media players,Yet fast and reliable in all it does. Ideal for those amjyst video without complications.

Play what you want, when you open 5KPlayer hotitePri you can easily choose the type of content being played.High-definition video (4k and 5k included), audio MP3, video, film, radio and even potokovoeonlayn support. Control, one would expect the default media player, adding controls for music videos downloaded from Youtube or processingizobrazheniya.kak Dailymotion you? 5KPlayer can hand inserted into the video for you, and the app will be downloaded in video quality and arbedyn library, with the ability to convert to MP3 or AAC, so you can only listen toAirPlay CASTI. integratsiya improve it sounds interesting, sound and screen otpravlyatvideo or connecting to the local network. If you have Apple TV, for example, you can tell 5KPlayer video on your TV anyContrary (5KPlayer can get content from AirPlay) in setting job .Zavershayut, one for voice and images, allows you to change things like brightness and then,As the video plays. On the other hand, the parameters of the game missing.

It covers legkostyu5KPlayer take you from start to need and not everything that is not true.This, more like a phone app or desktop applications as I welcome honest, especially when compared to the complexity VLC.My not encounter any problems during testing us:Free download and customize the video smoothly and without problems. In this sense, we can say, 5KPlayer its core functions flawlessly.

hawsna VLC, more powerful than QuickTimeEsli you are tired of the confusionVLC and seeking alternative than to start Mac OS X media player, it may just be a middle ground 5KPlayer great.

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