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Bandicam is a program that allows you to capture what is happening on the computer screen as AVIDEO or image. It is a good alternative to FRAPS.

Capture video and izobrazheniyaS Bandicam, players can record their gaming skills in high resolution up to 2560×1600, and then directly sharingthevídeoon YouTube in 720p or software 1080p.Programmnoe format software works with games and software using DirectX and OpenGL graphics as Skyrim, Minecraft and World Warcraft.Bandicam pozvolyaetizmenit number kadrovv Second, select the video (MPEG-1, Xvid, MJPEG s) and audio (PCM, and MPEG-1 Layer II) códecsasí via couplingkeys. Videos are watermarked in the free version, but it is removed, if you pay to register. If you have registered, you will have access to RGB24 Lossless codec for MagicYUV umolchaniyu.S Bandicam, you can easily make fotospantalla and save them as BMP, PNG, JPG or. You can also scheduleimages on a regular basis.

It’s easy as 123! As you can see, interfeysminimalizma, then you should not run into problems when using it. But if you have a problem, you quesaber designer provides full support to capture video or image Bandicams.Dlya online, youjust need to set up (quality, frame rate, codec) and the area you want to capture. Bandicam also allows you to manually change the size of the field, or select one of the predefined formats (from 320×240 to 1280×720, as well as between 4: 3 and 16: 9).

A good alternative to FRAPS FRAPSHotyabolshepopulyarny, Bandicam,as well, and helps to perpetuate their favorite moments of games. And, of course, it can also be very useful to create a screencast tutorials EFAC.

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  • Bandicam Screen Recorder 3 free download