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If you’ve ever dreamed of control over their own bus, and then check the bus driver shini.Vodii surprisingly fun simulator where your job is to transport passengers around an urban environment. Your mission is to keep rasporedadok respect traffic rules and ensure that you are not upset or injury of passengers. The bus driver is supposed to be all about realism. However, there is a game like this, even though there are five different levels, and you get bonuses for respectingTraffic propisaDrži his motion graphics, etc. five buses to move around in the big city environment from different disciplines, 30 roads and different weather at different times of the day. There are several types of buses that go with the bus drivers, such as the school autobusturistički bus tour bus, and even a prison transport bus. all environmental monitoring bus driver is more realistic cabin AI system that learns your habits and basic graphics vodinnia.Vektornoiiand trohiBlokoviiGameplai can be quite boring sometimes, but for anyone who is a fan buses or just driving sims in general, Bus Driver much fun.

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