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Keep your kitchen games like “cooks Sarah”? Then you will love Cooking Fever. In this adventure with free content of the basic and additional micro transactions, you will be responsible for customer service in a fast-food restaurant (burgers, pizza, tacos) be. Content suitable for all audiences – all children can play to adults.

Choose your destiny in the kitchen

The culinary Fever you have to “survive” a wave of customers will ask for any kind of fast food: hamburgers, sodas, hot If the registry,you need to follow the necessary steps to prepare every meal and every order. For example, a good hamburger you eat bread in the dish, place the meat in a pan, take it when it’s ready (it takes too much time, and it will burn and will have to throw away!) And put in the bread.

rhythm and micromanagementvaardighede will be the key to success in the kitchen Fever, especially if you go through the tutorial levels enbeginnen overwhelmed by multiple clients simultaneously. For too long, will and customersto leave without paying. Be quick, and they will remain so that you get to be a hint.

Until now Cooking Fever lykjou typical cooking game. What is unique? Two elements: promotion and establishment management.

completely round or flat culinary Fever, you can invest your money in the best kitchen utensils. Improve pan and meat wilworden to be done. buy meerTuppers and you can get more food to help save your requirements. You choose what you want to improve, breaking one of the curses of this type of games: linearprogression.

Once you have completed a few laps, the game will be able to earn you dengivkladyvat in improving OFTHE LAY look of your restaurant. This part is more strategic than it looks: your customers get the best quality TV, and they will not stay longer. Again, will help this part of the game you feel like you Cooking Fever directly drive, and not vice versa!


preparation fever is not a 100% free games, ladies and gentlemen. The name includes additional mikrotranzaktsiychto help quicklyimprove your equipment you or any progress faster. You can get a full fever cooking without pay, but sometimes you have to herhaalvlakke to get enough money to get to improve their equipment. You need a lot of patience.

Cooking Fever has great control, which I give thanks in the most intense moments. There is nothing I hate more to lose in this game aswanneer I have time because zaNazvanie not know that I want the end customer, for example.

On the aesthetic level, Cooking Fever nice andcute, even without high prices color delay action in older devices. Each interactive element is such that it has introduced easy to recognize wanneerje yourself in the middle of the kitchen frenzy that is the most important.

It is strongly recommended

varkaLihoradka quite surprised us. We expect that another to cook games and has a name that recognizes that, in the genre of stagnation and sysoort revolution. Unlike other similar games in Cooking Fever you are in control of yourstrategy and how you want to move forward. We never thought that we will talk about strategies in the cooking game, but wezijn sure you leesook did not expect this recommendation.

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