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Ironically, Easy Video Maker is one of the most sophisticated programs that I used to create a video. User-friendly and easy to use that it does not.

How to make a video?

In view of the first, flexible Maker video games rather cluttered and busy userinterface. He was not a lot of buttons and options are not in any way apparent. Although there is a tutorial to help you, it does not provide any advice more clear.

UnawezaUnaweza add pictures, sound, video, itekst, or record your sarilingscreen as video.However, it does video. Then you need to drag these options under the chart and place them on a video background color and any field (tells you something training). But what exactly is the difference between the background field and the field of video remains a mystery, if so, how kuongezasauti in the video.

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In addition, look ugly and confusing, Easy Video Maker nyagarachaya something special. These criteria are set at the level of mixing is not clear that every option has kinalamano in what he does. For example,”Special effects line”: what it means and what it does and what aspect of the video is amazing!.

Providing video is the last ten polepole.Labda process Easy Video Maker is limbawamadaling way to do video, but this type of program has advanced significantly, both for Windows and mobile phones, and now it just seems outdated.

This requires a new name

If, as in the video makes a novice, download Easy Video Maker atCheer up, because the process seems difficult, do not worry. therenyinginehalisi software video management solution, providing advanced features. This program has a catchy name, but it is the only thing in his favor.

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