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In European Bus Simulator 2012, I drive around the fictional town Freyfurt. This simulator and will have to respect the laws, rest periods, sell tickets to passengers and on time. Additionally, 32-bit version, there are 64 bits dostupenZapusk European Bus Simulator 2012 is going to avtobusastantsiya, select your bus, check the controls. There is a lesson that all controls and shortcuts. Freyfurt has 450 stations spread across the streets, more than six urban areas zadachamitakih schoolis working to accomplish. vieMozhete to make your own routes in built redaktore.Vozhdenie what you expect. Buses are large and difficult to drive and in the direction of movement itself, the other has always been a big problem. If you like to ride the bus, you’ll enjoy European Bus SimulatorPrez 2012, but despite improved graphics, this is steedsis a game that lacks character. There is no reason simulator should these dry and without much sense of rubber yumora.Tam detail in European Bus Simulator2012, right down to adjust vozduhakonditsioner, so it’s nice akoAko you in these things. Other fans can find casual buses Bus Simulator 2012 overwhelming, and lacking in fun.

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