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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is the third 3D game in the GTA series, step 80s Deputy Citi more than 90 hip hop world violence and bandit hat.

You play as Carl Johnson, he returned to his home in Los Santos after 5 years Promenijavo many things over the years, Karl has vyosemasifa influence of his gang are back. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas “game is a classic in the GTA – tons movie cut scenes, different missions and mini-games spread seslobodan roaming sandbox world.

What definesGrandTheft Auto: San Andreas is more than the rate. It sanakabambe, housed in a large state that three major cities, many villages. The campaign is great, and there is much to be done next. Story, the rags to riches story could be massively original, but it is well izjaviso excellent acting and a very memorable and hilariouswahusika. radio stations are the best, and a great mix of 90 muzikei advertisers happy.

There is one place where Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas will be frustrating for some. Racing carsdostalizgava in nature may be, for example, construction of swimming under Karl lungs urban lasts very long. Some missions are boring, but they are excellent shade during the game and the amount of fun you can have the status of roaming, enjoy the sites and create chaos!

Grand Theft Auto SanAndreaspredstavlja stage match in the sand. It is violent and kuchezakwa adults, and there is a game flaws, overall performance and fun you can have playing quite invincible.

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