Myers singled in the first, doubled home a run in the third, homered in a three run sixth and tripled in the eighth.The other Padres cycle a player hitting a single, double, triple and home run in the same game was also accomplished at the Rockies’ Coors Field, by Matt Kemp on August 14, 2015.Myers’s cycle was the eighth by a Rockies opponent at the hitter friendly Coors Field and the 15th there overall.Hunter Renfroe hit a two run homer for the Padres, won for the third time in four games.Myers’s double gave San Diego a 1 0 lead in the third inning, scoring Manuel Margot.His homer to right center field to open the sixth was followed by Renfroe’s homer that put the Padres up 4 0.Myers’s triple in the eighth inning came off Rockies reliever Carlos Estevez. Estevez threw a strike before Myers fouled off another pitch. Down 0 2 in the count, he swung at an 87 mph slider that went through the gap at left center.His triple soon led to the final padres run, when Yangervis Solarte followed with a sacrifice fly that scored Myers.24Japan thanks retiring figure skater AsadaJapan on Tuesday expressed national thanks to former world champion figure skater Mao Asada Canada Goose Outlet, a day after she shocked the nation by announcing her retirement from competition.The 26 year old Asada, who won three world titles in 2008, 2010 and 2014, said on her official blog late Monday that she was hanging up her skates, sparking TV stations to flash the news on screen..

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