In contrast, the Democrats are a symbol of unity as President Obama, former Vice President Al Gore and even defeated presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders have endorsed and are campaigning for Hillary Clinton. None of these people like Hillary, but they are coming together to support their nominee. The Republicans only come together to support a moderate or establishment candidate, but a maverick conservative like Trump has seen almost no support from his party..

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cheap nfl jerseys It was divisive post, and that’s why decided to delete it.”Kirk said the association’s post had the characteristics of a “rookie mistake.””I think it speaks as well to the fact that our social media has outgrown our policies and our training. The person that has access to the Twitter and social media account is responding in whatever way they respond, sometimes unthinkingly, and then the whole organization has the repercussions of it,” Kirk said.Playing the blame game The NFL and the Cleveland Browns are in damage control after running back Isaiah Crowell’s boiling frustration following the killing of the two African American men in Louisiana and Minnesota led him to post on Instagram a grotesque picture depicting a black clad figure slitting the throat of a police officer. The post went viral and Crowell was harshly condemned cheap nfl jerseys.