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If you encourage the reader owner, or just want to get an idea of ​​what all the fuss eBook on Amazon Kindle for PC lets you tabletop test anda.Pemasangan easy, and it will automatically sync with the Kindle, and will associate with any files Kindlepostavyty to yourcomputer. If you have notes and bookmarks from your reader Kindle, they will work a computer reader. Clean interface is very simple. There is a button Home, which takes you to your library, which bolehdiperintahkan by title, author or Terbaru.Anda can also buy books on Amazon, but itwill open the browser – no native Kindle shop in the app. Double-click on the book, and it opens. You can view the notes and tags you have created, and create a new bookmark (instead of notes, etc.). There is a slide to zminytykilkist words in a row, and can resize fontotsoodvetno.You can change the font size. Controls are simple, keyboard or tetikus.Salah desktoppembaca disadvantage that your monitor can not be as easy to read as Kindleekran. For this reason, it is a shame that the program has no special visualization of the text to make it easier on the eyes, nocontrast or brightness control. It can highlight or add notes for the book makes it a bit too basic function e-book reader Amazon juga.KindlePC but do not have a choice and functionality to make it a truly excellent application to do.

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