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In the near future, Logan tire care patients Professor X in the border with Mexico. But Logan is trying to cover up part of the world and its heritage when it comes to young mutant,Is performed by dark forces.

A young woman lies on the receiving end of uzhasnataprokletstvoto that threatens to take your life in 7 days. Julia becomes worried about her boyfriend, Holt, as he explores the urban dark on videoHe said to me the mysterious seven days after viewing. onazhertvuet svojotedni yourself to save others, and at the same time it made a terrible discovery: the “movie” No one has ever seen.

Like in our world,But fully populated with animals, Sing Star companion moon Dapper Koala, with control over the theater great, which fell vreminja.Baster hard optimist eternal, maybe a rascal little love theater,First of all, and will do anything to save him. Now, crumbling life of ambitious people, he estodin last chance to restore its fading gem in the glory of its past,Manufacturing largest global singing competition.

Love celebrates life real courage and commitment couple races, Richard and Mildred Love, who fell in love and were married in a few rose in the center,A small town in Virginia, that was more integrated odokolinata South America. However, it is the state of Virginia, where it is their home and family, home detention Izata drive them.Richard and Mildred moved with her children in Washington, while relatives make chuvstvuvaatdobredojden guests there, the environment in many cities does not feel like home to them.Eventually, removing its roots in Virginia encourage Mildred, to try to find a way back

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