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Minecraft Pre-Release is available for anyone who owns the game on Windows or Mac. In this way, you can test the new features and also help in finding and removing errors from future official releases.

Future Minecraftu

Minecraft is not the only game ever evolving, but the creator Mojang has always been very open, allowing users to test the functionality of hinaharaplaro. Everyone of Minecraft is easy to install a pre-release.

TheCurrent pre-release version, Bountiful update is full of minor bug fixes and changes to the game, even without big headlines, as usual update. Minecraft “update that has changed the world” has changed in the way of creating the game world and of course, brought us horses great changes.

Now easier to use

Talagawala nothing to lose when they try to start Minecraft, if you already have your own game. You can choose between nimiIOfficial release and do not represent a risk of loss of stored games.

To install a pre-release of Minecraft, load the file. Then, Launcher and Minecraft open the “New Profile”, giving it the name “Snapshot” and search box “Enable experimental images.”

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Minecraft pre-release is a really nice extra feature official game. It is freeƛwietnieZobacz and how the game evolves.


The latest version of Minecraft’s pre-release, the Bountiful update, adds many new blocks to build thin arms under water dungeons and more.


Sai played Minecraft, you need a license from the programmer ready for download.

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