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All major sites need to pick a database to store customer information. This can be anything from a user name and e-mail name query data by viewing interests. Hierdiedie to find the best software for the task sounds complicated, but is it? S A known solution, which is a big Starting MySQL. Where is? S is enough for Facebook and Google WordPress why this free software as quickly as possible to make maklikeren managing your databases?

Open source database

The source MySQL database management techniceapertarelational system (DBMS), which essentially is that in data storage and a servant. What is? S open source, that is, that which is not? S, so free of charge. If several people joined, and the developers will not be able to voice, sent him far away studied. Standard Community Server is free to download and use the one on your website. baieeenvoudige the installation (though of course, you’ll need the knowledge of creating websites) do that too? Note scalability and performance of the knowledge of a military force. You also have a big support network.

Make your way

MySQLgrootto do all that in its own way, if you do not have to connect and share in the company, or even the best platform. The software is not able to do more without an opponent stability by problems with different privacy, however this? S: Do nA popular choice for new ones.

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