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Netflix is ​​streaming video application that allows access to a large library service for movies and television shows.

Netflix will receive Windows, modern interface for Windows 8 with a nice interface. On the home screen, giving you three of your most recently viewed videos and your Instant Queue.Swipe left and you’ll see suggested videos, Netflix and popular contentvideo divided by genre.

Everything works well and looks great videos.Features controls are large and easy to navigate, osoblyvoz oxygen, even if the application works just fine with a mouse and keyboard. All interfacedo not deviate too far from the site Netflix and other applications. Movies and TV shows are aligned in a grid with a big film or sketch showart.

Netflix saves your place when you make a pause or quit the program, and you can take away from watching any other Netflix supportdevice. This is useful if you want to look at the tablet transitionsa watch on the big screen.

Neflix also pidtrymuyebahatozadachnist Windows 8. You can attach the Netflix app on both sides of the screen to continuewatching video on the small screen while using another application. In addition,you can have as a primary applications Netflix and other application pin next to it to Netflix mnohozadachnom a large window. All Netflix app is useful even multitask.

Overall, Netflix and napelikula brings great TV viewing experience on Windows 8 and 10.


onthis update, we addedfunction and fixes.

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