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pandora necklaces Let in four goals, something gotta change, Johnson said. Just wasn working. I felt good with my preparation and where I was (on the ice). WHAT IS THIS REALLY ALL ABOUT?Kim Jong Un, who is believed to be aged in his early 30s, wants to cement his status at home as a leader while simultaneously showing the outside world that Pyongyang is a force to be reckoned with, according to analysts.”The dynasty which runs North Korea is a dictatorship it dysfunctional in all sorts of ways but it has its own rationale which is to display its invulnerability to outside pressure or aggression,” said Francois Heisbourg, a special adviser at the Paris based Foundation for Strategic Research. “This is a show of strength.”North Korea isn yet a nuclear behemoth, but has been working hard to become one.The country is believed to have a handful of nuclear warheads and has carried out three previous nuclear tests since 2006 for which it earned United Nations sanctions.That doesn mean North Korea is all the way there though: Pyongyang lacks the missile technology to launch those weapons long distances, according to Western officials and experts.”It doesn have a nuclear arsenal it has the ability for the time being to produce nuclear devices which it knows how to detonate,” Heisbourg said. “It is not yet clear that it has the ability to operationalize these devices so that it can be put on top of a rocket and shot at somebody.”Still, Heisbourg said that North Korea is “on their way” to acquiring that capability.”It a question of years it not a question of decades,” he said.If authentic, Wednesday test would mark the first North Korean nuclear test involving a hydrogen bomb pandora necklaces.