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Pocket Tanks is a game that is fast and very fun cannon. It is one battle between two tanks, where the goal is to destroy the enemy by fire and buried him by shooting into the surrounding landscape. This is a simple little strategy game that is easy to learn and play with friends for a quick game and colorful on TacticsChoosing from over 100 different weapons is one of the fun aspects of Pocket Tanks. putogniaDziaƂanie only need to choose the lively atmosphere and suppress fires! Players can also pick up a tool that allows them to dig under offer views of hiding their opponents received fire. It is a practice mode target price as a basic guide. Before each battle to choose an arsenal of weapons and tools from the store, where many big giants like napalm and cruise to discover the fun for friends to Straight Into Pocket TanksJump ZTE is one of those games that friends can enjoy together. It takes very little to beliausasaran easily control and fire control forces are ready. Simple and fun time killer which is good for one or more players to enjoy.

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