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Do you have problems with the iPhone? Do not worry, most of the time is the solution: recovery or reset mode. Up until now, they are only available by pressing the RecBoot key combination, but everything will be simple and one click away.

AMODUS very handy iOS

Recovery mode is the solution to many iOS problems so accessing it can help reset your device. If the software update comes with the “kill” iPhone error.

Typically, the button toIPhone recovery You need menekankombinasi on the device. Sometimes it is not possible, especially if the home button on the iPhone is damaged. With Recboot, it can enter door mode without pressing the button.

RecBoot toggle the recoverydengan mode to three simple steps: Connect the iPhone to your computer using the USB cable, start the program, and then click the Go to recovery mode button. When you no longer need to sekoristete this mode, just click Exit recovery modeAnd the iPhone will return normalkondisi.

Only use in special circumstances

The recovery mode is designed for advanced users who want to perform certain operations on their iPhone. If you are not sure what this regime is, we suggest tidakdigunakan because it will enable you to introduce the heart of the iPhone operating system.

Also note that at this time, RecBoot only works with computers that have 32-bit operating systems. If there are 64Bits, this program of acking. I hope this issue will be resolved in future housing updates.

Also required, should RecBoot version of iTunes, or older and .NET Framework.

Life saver on the iPhone

RecBoot can mengembalikaniPhone, after it stopped working due to firmware update failure, and it can also recover data from your shtoshto mobile phone that you lost. This is very useful when you are familiar with iOS recovery mode.

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