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In the case of the Tibetan mastiff, life in the mountains of snow, life is just a riff Dog: Beware of a quiet village sheep from the wolf thugiego Linnux and his ass. To avoid interference, mastiff leader Khampa prohibits all music from the mountains. But when the son of Bodi Khampas detects radio fell by passing the vliegtuighet takes a few guitar licks, which must be sealed: Rag wants to be a rock star. This, however, means that is opposite totheir fathers, the city and directed zlokalizuj─ůc legendarny- and cheerless – musician Angus Skattergud that should schrijven.Als you can join the Body team a new song and quickly help your lyrics Angus and defeat werewolves, to the mountains of snow will are living in harmony. Drive to become what he always dreamed more than a dog … more rock than hell dog will jump!

In the case of the Tibetan Mastiff in the life of the mountain snow dogs just riff – osteregaytestihayavillage sheep wolf lover Linnux and debris. To avoid interference, mastiff leader Khampa forbids music. However, when his son the radio that the body was found fallen from the sky, it takes to a pair of pins on dieMoet sealed the fate of the boy. In order to become a star of rock, Rag goes to the city to Angus Skattergud, the legendary musician who has to write a new song to be found.

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