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Name: RPG Tycoon

Genre: Adventure, Indie, RPG, Simulation, Strategy, early access

Developer: Skatanic Studios

Publisher: GSProductions SL

Released August 4, 2014

For this game

Tycoon simulation RPG game that puts you in control of the newly established RPG region. Start small, start with a simpleprostoruVy want to convince the characters, then build, expand and continue to grow your kingdom as one of your characters selishtabateragaiztoak and save the world from which it is made. Your task is to use all available resources to attract job seekersadventure in your korolivstvii its growing popularity to become the greatest in the kingdom on earth!

Some tycoon inspire many of us grew up playing classic games, tycoon RPG players of all ages experience designed to create a familiar yet original. You can focus Nyackdevelop their kingdom quests, lots of characters, you can rent them agentsiiDavane freedom and berdinketahoriek training ground heroes to be the best in search of those who sent their awards and kill villains coercion or he can build the kingdom and turning shops rostyvashiand objects of gold continue to milk every ounce of adventure tourism empire or anywhere else until they can be installed. It’s up to you, in your kingdom.


Start small and gradually increase the amount of gold tsarstvavashe

naemgeroi and quests to earngold and followers

Irabaziajarraitzaile and download Kingdom

Unlock new building, each level features and capabilities

Construction of buildings and decorations to grow your kingdom

Engaging adventures and won gold in construction

Artificial intelektschob compete with otherthe kingdoms of the earth.

Choose the length and complexity of the game

How to play the game at the end of each group.

Heroes and the building is designed for user name

System Requirements


OS: Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista HomePremium, Business, Ultimate, or Enterprise (vklyuchayuchy64-bit versions) with Service Pack 2, Windows7, or Windows, 8 Classic

Processor: x86-compatible processor or faster, or Intel Atom processor or faster drives netbook class

Memory: 512 MB RAM

Hard Disk: 44 MB free space

Sound Card: Any

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