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Video and audio body has nothing … Added missing video and then credits scene V2 come tomorrow with all the shit cut


Suicide Composition HD-2016 TS x264-CPG

oh boy, where last week and will play with this film on a variety of sources are ,, Latin, Russianand some private, but not all of them are really amazing scary movie, then

the Joker is a great good in 1080, finally, Jared Leto he is sending me, it was better, good video dannRest eseguramente

work with it, rotate, crop, resize, some mathematical magic Walter White Blue,bright, contrast, there were 2 minutes in the original video is not available, so I cut out the Latino press and added added my post credit scene. At present, its total sync with our digital audio

English subtitles and is programmed with English subtitles for foreign parts like

sothe film is 99% dark shot, a better cam


P / S: You’re surprising

About this movie

that horse shit estefilme seriously and see it in a movie, and I was like WTF you do ** kerz I was tormented by David Ayer is to F ** king ban same DC Douchebag ** to do big, big market methods come into it shit,and some are followers, to see this movie, let me tell you, I have seen

Jared Leto is more than a transsexual in the movie sucked, instead of one, but hey for THX

Enjoy the next tattaaaZeit !!!

Information about admission

Video: AVC 2300kbps 720×320 25 fpsper second

Audio: DIGITAL MP3audio @ 192kbps

Language: English

Subtitles: English English in foreign countries

Post credit scenes: If enabled FFS

Show: Yap

Source: V: The Joker: Harley THX and Queen

Encoder: CPG



Dis-Cam tamabin for some kissing and transcoding

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