Suntan 2016 Suntan 2016 online

Doctor of middle age on the Greek island tourism with the youth being obsessed when the day leaves together with their friends.

In the Greek island hedonistic, a middle-aged physician will celebrate with youth tourism, when the leaves day obsessed with his group of friends, hard. Kostas middle-aged life passed him by. As a newly appointed physician of the small island, Kostis blurred winter use. Through the summer time has come, however, the island has been a flourishingResort nafukwenackt wild and crazy parties. When Kostis knows the beautiful and seductive Anna, she falls in love with her and goes out of her way to win and impress her. It did not take long, the expenses Kostis are drinking almost all their time, late into the night, and also make Anna. What as discovered began to be lost by his youth for a long time, however, gradually turns into obsession as Kostis is ready to do anything Anna needs to hold. Suntan is celebratingThe beauty and power of the new body, then its inevitable disintegration is widespread.

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