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| Category: Puzzle | | Requirements: Android, and more |

Welcome to the TEC Hall, a physical puzzler, wrapped in a mystery game, a good Tactile 3D world.

10/10 Steam

– Apple


Number two is a puzzle video game developed by 2.013 British based games on vohniyakcontinuation of the room. vikipedia

Initial release date: 12 November 2013

Developer: Fireproof Games

Publisher: Studio Fire

Genre: Puzzle video game

Platform: Android, IOS, Windows,

Prize for the British BAFTA Games Games, More

What’s New:

Upgrading to a new system of cloud-zberezhennyaGoogle.


Note: If you play tab3, you must update Android, set to launch the game.

Welcome to the TEC Hall, a physical puzzler, wrapped in a mystery game, a good Tactile 3D world.

The long-awaited continuation of the room, the recipient of BAFTA, here in the city.

Voll Folloving of tayemnychelystymisterioznognaukovcaViadomo just as attractive world of mystery and exploration.

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Inextricably woven invention is ideal for its size, this is a game that should sit in the dark. – PocketGamer

chudovyydyvlyachys game, offering greatPlaces with lots of interactive areas and puzzles. Excellent game for a cold winter night. MMO

pozostaviamislac Okako solve puzzles, even if you do not play; sign class game, which is sure. 148Apps

Great continuation of skladnostina exceptional visual display herepretty amazing. Number two should be on the top list of games. – GSM Arena

Very good puzzle; If you liked the room, got PadGadget continue

Very convincing experience of intricate puzzles, superb visual and macabre atmosphere; absolutniepełennovi ideas. facets

**************************************************************************************************** ***************

Pick-up and play design

Easy to start, hard to put down, is an exciting mix of intriguing puzzles with a simple user interface

Innovative touch keys

Tactile experience takpryrodno almost feel every surfacefacility

Realistic 3D location

Immerse yourself in different environments, kojiOni be incredibly difficult svoimpuzzle Solving prowess.

Detailed 3D-objects

Sitting on the complex details of a tenth of an object in search of their hidden secrets.


Haunting music and sound effects createdynamic sound that responds to their game.

Cloud is now supported YEAR

Share your progress across multiple devices and unlock all new developments.

Multi language support

Available uEngleski, French, Italian, German, Spanish, brazylskyyPortuhalska.



Folderto SDCard / Android / ÖBB. (If the default is a mobile copy the folder in the memory in the same way)


Bi — KPOs

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Full Android app game.

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