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ZenMate is a supplementary switch proxy for Chrome and Firefox, which does not require any knowledge of the proxy switch required. ZenMate encrypts and directs Internet traffic through a proxy in another country so you can surf the Internet with more privacy. It also allows hide bypass restrictions, allowing you to view the content that is normally hidden within its region.Visoka value on privacy and scorostZenMate encrypted traffic and hiddenYour IP by your recommendation by the country of your choice. Nesamoprotexe is your surfing, but also allows you to have access to content that is not usually available in your region. Your data is compressed, it means surfing speed is surprisingly fast S-Proxy. Video streaming can take a little more time, but the disadvantage is offset by the fact that you can see the content locked out of its region.Ako servicesSuch as Hulu, Netflix and Pandora outside the US, ZenMate does an excellent job. As for what this mozhedeystvitelno persoalde data protect, there can be no guarantees, but ZenMate take data protection seriously. But what is your email address and nastroyka.Mnogo easy to install and in most additions izpolzvaneKakto Chrome, the installation is very ZenMatefacilmente. Once you have installed, you only need to enter and activate your e-mail address.No need to register or give you all activation codes, although it is questionable for a service that you are anonymous surfing, iziskvavseki email adres.Lentatao ZenMate can be sat at the top right corner of the Chrome and becomes green when they are protected. To control it simply on the green sign. What is really nice about ZenMate is the ability to switch between parties immediately. By default, Internet traffic is routed to Switzerland, howeverYou can change it, UK, Hong Kong, US and Germany mignoveno.V proxy disadvantage, there are not many countries proxies supported by ZenMate – though probably more than razviva.Anlesna and effective replacement prevklyuchvatelZaednocon Unblocker Hi, ZenMate is one of the best Supplements proxy are added they are there.

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